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Table of Contents. Welcome to the Primare PRE32! Your PRE32 is a high-quality audiophile preamplifier, designed as the ideal centrepiece of a home hi-fi system. Trigger Optional media module; Page 3: Getting Started Primare A Page 4: Using The Pre P r e 3 2 u s e r g u i d e using the Pre32 This page explains how to operate your PRE32, using the functions available from the front panel or C23 remote control. Page 6: Configuring The Settings P r e 3 2 u s e r g u i d e conFiguring the settings The PRE32 includes a General settings menu that allows you to customise the inputs to suit the sources in your system.

Page 8: Technical Specification The PRE32 provides superb reproduction with very low distortion, and an These instructions help you get the best possible sound from your PRE32, and give ecologically-friendly low standby power.

Page 9 8. Cleaning Primare is a trademark of Primare AB. Unplug the power cord of the appliance from operation precautions. Print page 1 Print document 11 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.Take said components, wrap them up in a high-end chassis with stunning build quality and drop dead gorgeous cosmetics.

And in my opinion, if you want the best performing universal disc-spinner on the market and change from a grand, then the BD is the obvious choice. The original Oppo switch mode power supply is only used for standby and new dedicated linear supplies are fired up to power digital and analogue circuits when in use. All of the muting and switching circuits are relay-controlled, so every flick of a switch or skip forward in chapters is accompanied by the clicking of relays.

The analogue stages have a large capacitor bank to deliver high current on demand and the whole chassis is heavy-gauge steel to aid cooling.

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The SACD circuit has its own fully dedicated signal path to further nail its audiophile credentials. While much of the circuit upgrades concentrate on giving BD32 true high-end audio abilities, even the video board gets a Swedish massage. The home screen gives you access to your uPnP servers for streaming audio, video and pictures, YouTube and Picasa access and a tantalizing glimpse of US-only services such as Pandora, Blockbuster and VuDu HD — whatever the hell that is With all that technology on the inside, the first thing you will actually notice about the BD32 is its sumptuous good looks in either black or titanium.

Not only is it deliciously vivid but can also change it to pretty much any colour you like using individual RGB settings.

The back end set-up screens are ported straight from the Oppo GUI, however. Source Code BD uses a stark and saturated look during the scenes on the train to emphasize the alternate reality and the BD32 delivers it with panache. Lost within the eye-searing visual splendour of Despicable Me in 3D, the BD32 provides the sort of entertainment levels that most commercial cinemas would be proud of. The video output is at the top of the game but is it an upgrade over the Oppo original or BD?

There is perhaps slightly less blocking on smooth graduations when the screen is busy. The same is true of multichannel bitstream output over HDMI. It is top-notch; crisp, clean and free of any of the hash that can fatigue the listener during a long movie.

The explosive Source Code train crash, which you can hear over and over again in the movie with different sound effects every time, is fabulously detailed and dynamic, allowing you to go neighbour-annoying loud with gay abandon. Honestly, not a lot. Where the Primare really trumps its admittedly less expensive rivals is with its musicality. Hook up those phono stereo outputs or, even better, the balanced XLR connections and the BD32 takes on a life of its own. If you have a few SACDs, then go for the stereo option and revel in truly class-leading playback.

You can leverage this performance with network audio. Not bad for a highly accomplished 3D Blu-ray player with true audiophile-quality CD playback, too! Highs: Beautiful build; stunning picture and sound; audiophile music playback; slick interface Lows: Naff remote control; no bit-rate display; price tag. Want to see your home cinema system featured in the pages of HCC?

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Opinion Hardware Software Interviews. Pro-Install Readers' Room. Blu-ray Players.Table of Contents. Amplifier Primare A Page 2 Technical Description. Error codes. Bias Adjustment. Technical Specifications. Page 3: Temperature Protection When power is first applied and the standby button on the front panel are pressed down the A32 are going to initiate the startup sequence.

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Relay K1 will be turned on where after a small delay will follow before relay K2 goes active to disable the inrush limiters. At the same time bias are turned on by shutting down the voltage supplied to the optocouplers on the amplifier channels.

Page 4: General Protection General Protection During operation mode DC-offset, fuse, temperature and AC-loss are constantly monitored, any abnormal function from these will immediately disengage the speaker relay and the standby LED will start to flash rapidly indicating that an error has been spotted.

The error code can be checked by pressing the error check button SW1if more than one error at the same time a repeated press of the button will display the next error. The temperature in the facility must be constant during the adjustment procedure.

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Use the Bias test points and potentiometers R1, R2 to adjust bias on each channel. The lower potentiometer is accessible thru a hole in the bottom of the amplifier. Page 6 1. Switch the amplifier on or if it has been on burn-in testdisconnect input signal and loads. The A32 amplifier must be in operate mode, bias will be switched off in standby. Let the amplifier run for 1h, without input signal.

SCH Drawn By A total of uF electrolytes in the powersupply. Dual set of Speakerterminals for each channel. Print page 1 Print document 13 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR.

primare pre32 service manual

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Restore password. Upload from disk.I've an A I can hardly wait! Anybody got any idea of the cost of retrofitting a DAC and Prisma module to a secondhand Primare i35? Pretty sure you will find a dealer who will fit the modules for free as this is a 5 minute task.

You might even be able to do it yourself. Very much enjoying it. It sounds clear and powerful. The Prisma app and firmware has recently been updated. Also it's not letting me connect to internet or bluetooth? It's a demo unit from store. Do I have to reset it to factory settings:to clear these issues up? Not finding much info on this player to get it to work properly!!!

Also check you have the most recent Prisma app. A new version was recently released. Firmware should be updated automatically when you do the reset.

You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Owners Clubs and Forums Search In. Prev 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Next Page 22 of Recommended Posts. Super Wammer. Posted June 28, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.LOG IN. Anyone own or owned a Primare A32 power amp and had problems with the front panel standby indicator flashing rapidly?

Over the last few months I've had to manipulate the rear left speaker cable inputs to hear sound out of the left speaker each time I turned it on. But the unit always powered up and eventually played beautifully.

primare pre32 service manual

Now I get nothing. I've disconnected and then reconnected the power cord, the XLR cables from the preamp, and both speaker cables. The fuse is in good shape. But the standby indicator still flashes when I try to power it up. For such a massive unit one would think the designers could've used sturdier screws. The top right screw broke a while back and may have left a fragment in the screw hole hard to tell it's so small. The front panel now has a little wiggle room which may be causing some wiring hit and miss inside though I can't see how.

I've never pushed or pulled on the front plate after the unit was set up and it's played many months without problems.

primare pre32 service manual

The website says they offer factory authorized service for Primare gear along with McIntosh gear. Anybody ever dealt with these guys? The A32 weighs 88 pounds and I'm not fond of trying to ship it out of state. Should I try a local repair shop first? I really love my system's sound and want the A32 back in the game so I can again lose myself in musical bliss.

Primare PRE32 Manuals

I would contact the manufacturer first via email. One step at a time. Just sent an inquiry via Primare "contact us" website. Thanks for the suggestion. Agreed- mewsickbuff- consult Primare first. Keep us posted on your progress. Happy Listening! I contacted the Primare manufacturer and they referred me to the guys in WA, but also supplied when I requested the A32 service manual and schematics for a local repair shop to use. Great customer service, I'd say.

I also found one of my speaker wires Audience Au24se has gone bad. Contacted Audience and they have a lifetime warranty and will repair the cable. Not yet. I plan to send it to the guys in WA sometime within the next 2 weeks.