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The Octane is the first car players will use in Rocket league, and it is regarded as the best by many players in the community. With thousands of new players downloading Rocket League now that it is free to playexpect even more Octanes in the arenas. Preference obviously plays a role when analyzing the best cars in the game, but it is not a coincidence that many of the best streamers and content creators use the Octane over any other car.

Interestingly, the original name for the Octane was Pepe, which honestly would not have been a bad name for the compact sports car. The car was so popular that Hot Wheels released a car modeled after it. The Octane certainly looks unique, as it was modeled after the Caterham 7, a car manufactured using a Lotus kit in the s.

The taillights of the Octane resemble the Apollo N, which is a sports car designed by the famed manufacturer Gumpert. Overall, the Octane looks good, but it is nowhere near the best looking car in the game. As some players may know, Psyonix created six hitboxes in This means that of the 60 plus cars, there are only six different base vehicles, and the rest of the vehicle differences are primarily cosmetic. In fact, more cars have the octane hitbox than any other hitbox.

Below are the only hitboxes in Rocket league:. There are too many Octane cars to list, even the jeep skin is an Octane. Players will be surprised to learn that the Fennec is actually an Octane skin too. Players who swear that the Fennec is better are actually using the Octane in disguise. Many players in the community have adopted the car as their favorite without wondering why the car is so good in Rocket League.

Even though the hitboxes are the same, some cars have more exposed hitboxes than others. This means that some cars will have a hitbox that aligns with the shape of the car better than others. The statistics do not show very much, in fact, the hitbox, turning radius, and speed of the Octane aligns closely with almost every vehicle.

There are just a few decimal points separating the Octane's hitbox from the other cars in Rocket League. Clearly, the long and flat cars differ substantially, but offer benefits of their own. The Dominus, for example, is flatter and players will need to one hop for balls that are slightly off the ground.

Apart from the hitbox differences, none of the Octane statistics jump off the page.Your feedback is only shown to the creator as well as yourself. It is not available for other users to see. The creator won't see your user name. On my friend 2x2GreenBrcik request, here's the orange variation of the Octane, enjoy! Here's a new recolouration of the Octane, the most wanted and expensive item, the titanium white one. I know that the real one should have only white borders, but I think that a full white one would look cooler!

Hope you like it! As Someone asked, here's a green version of the Octane. The colours aren't available like the blue one. Sadly, because of the situation, the real version of the Car is delayed. As someone asked, I've realized a blue team version too! Sadly most of the pieces aren't available. I hope y'all like it.

I prefer the sky blue than the cobalt one. The next step is to build the red version in real life, stay tuned! By ballojr. Help your fellow builder by leaving your feedback based on these three criteria: Originality: How original is this - never seen before?

Building Techniques: How much skill do you think the creator of this MOC has, in terms of building technique? Details: Express how much you like the details of the build.

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cacciatrice octane rocket league

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cacciatrice octane rocket league

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cacciatrice octane rocket league

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Top players and Psyonix explain why Octane rules the competitive scene. Rocket League has more than 30 different car bodies available in total, between the standard models, the unlockable bodies in crates, and the premium add-on offerings.

So why, then, do the vast majority of pro players today use Octane? Just look at the grand finals of recent major tournaments. Last month at the X Gamesfive of the six grand finalists picked Octane, and then at DreamHack Atlantait was all Octane in the final showdown yet again. Car selection is critical to high-level Rocket League success, as the hitbox and turning radius can vary noticeably between bodies. Some cars are better at aerial hits or dribbling, while others smack the ball harder but can struggle with s when two rival cars go for the ball at the same time.

For many pros, it's simply a matter of comfort and confidence, and knowing that a bounce will react the way they expect it to each and every time. But aside from a handful of outliers who have stuck with an alternate car and built their game around it, most of the pack goes for Octane — and we have seen some pros make the switch to Octane just this summer, too. What makes Octane so dominant in the pro meta?

We asked several pro players about why they've stuck with or switched over to Octane, and also got some details from developer Psyonix about what makes it distinctive.

It just feels right.

20 SWEATY Fennec Designs In Rocket League

There's more nuance to that, of course, but when we had a chance to chat with several teams at X Games last month about using Octane or its ZSR variantmost of the responses came down to feel. Many players say Octane is the best pick because it hits a sweet spot in terms of turning radius hitbox size, and shot impact — and that likewise manifests itself in how effective it is with dribbling and aerial ball control.

It's up there on everything you do. Air dribbles, aerials, dribbles. Octane continues to soar in pro popularity. For some players, it simply feels spectacular to smash a shot in the net with Octane.

Rocket League Car Designs

Despite its relatively diminutive size, Octane packs a punch. Rogue player Emiliano "Sizz" Benny said his all-time most-played car is Dominus, with some 3, hours logged with that longer, stronger body — but he was quickly converted once he swapped to Octane.

You get these boomers that you don't expect from other cars, and it's really nice to hit one. You just feel so good after you hit it.

It's fascinating to hear the players describe these digital cars in extensive, loving detail, and they clearly have a powerful relationship with them. But it's not surprising: They spend potentially thousands of hours behind the rocket boosters of these roadsters. They know every nuance and rely on them and their consistency to win games, secure championships, obtain organizational support, and ultimately make money and build a career. Of course they're fixated on finding the best performance and the best fit for their playstyle.

Octane's aerial abilities are particularly critical in pro-level play, where drivers spend much of their time soaring to meet the ball in the air — whether it's to take a shot or block an incoming ball.

He adds that its dominance in the 1v1 mode, which requires more individual precision and is a little brainier in terms of needing to outsmart opponents, really showcases Octane's abilities.

And those techniques can't hurt players on a 3v3 team, either. Everybody in 1s uses Octane, so that's already a good sign," added Turtle.

It's average, if not better. It's the consistency. The most elite Rocket League pros are incredibly precise with their play. They read the field, read the ball, and even read their competitors' actions and instinctively know how and when to react. And a lot of that has to do with car choice. Players want to know that their car is going to do exactly what they expect it to, and that if they do their own part, then the ball will almost always react in the expected way. For many pros, Octane is the best pick for that.

I don't exactly know what it is — it's just that Octane gives you the feeling that you're going to mess up less than with other cars.This pack includes the Stoner octane decal and Stoner Ball reskin. The ball reskin sadly only works in freeplay or lan matches because of the possible competitive advantages they may provide. NOTE: in order to use this pack you must have the bakkes mod alpha console plugin. I also am not sure if this is possible if you have the free version of rocket league from epic games.

If you are struggling to download the bakkes mod alpha console here…. Its a gradient that you can chose the color and the paint finish. There are some errors and bugs but ill try to fix.

This was a decal made for Pulse Temple and tons of people have been asking for me to post it so here it is. I made this decal for Cyberpunk fans and for my best friend. You will need Bakkesmod and AlphaConsole installed! I will edit this later :D.

A decal for Octane featuring cover art from the manga, SHY. Artwork by the author, Miki Bukimi. So with the WCBC Play offs with finished i decided to do decals for the top 4 teams that got into the play offs. Most of them look best with a dark car colors and only the decal accent color colored.

cacciatrice octane rocket league

Team Liquid is not part of the RL esports scene but that doesn't mean we can't have a decal in-game. If there's an ahegao decal for the Octane then surely there should be one for the Dominus, right? That's exactly what we have here. Enjoy this one of a kind decal based on the Chinese New Year festival! Equip the glitter paint finish and a golden color to see the accents come to life ; Chinese Alpha wheels not included!

Relive Hokusai's most famous work, and one of the most recognizable works of Japanese art in the world. Wanted to celebrate the Borderlands 3 hype with some custom skins for Rocket League! A fan made ball, "Championship Series" inspired ball.

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Triangles: k. An Octane by Psyonix made in Blender. Specifications: 1. No textures 2. No animated 3. No effects 4. Yes wheels 5. No detail Files: 1. BLEND 2. Obj 3. MTL 4.